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How and Where to Buy SparkPoint Crypto in 2022?

SparkPoint is a blockchain technology company founded in 2018 and one of the earliest cryptocurrency startups in the Philippines. 

SparkPoint owns SparkDeFi, a decentralized finance platform, and SparkPoint Fuel (SFUEL), a governance token launched on December 20, 2020.

SFUEL is a DeFi token project, but the SparkPoint Innovations Inc. team is also behind SparkPoint (SRK).

This article provides all the details you need to know if you decide on investing in SparkPoint Crypto

  • SparkPoint Ecosystem

Developed by the SparkPoint team, the SparkPoint ecosystem offers multiple products and services built around the company’s native cryptocurrency token, the SRK token. The main way these products and services use SRK is to pay for various ecosystem transactions.

At the following link, you can read more about the four different platforms this SparkPoint Ecosystem has.

  • Where to Buy SparkPoint Crypto?

In this article, you’ll get information about where to buy SparkPoint crypto.

Buying SparkPoint Crypto (or any other cryptocurrency, for that matter) can be done utilizing a debit card, credit card, or even PayPal. The transaction, however, will not be direct. Since the SparkPoint crypto is an altcoin, the best way to produce it is by trading it for a different cryptocurrency. 

That means that if you don’t own any cryptocurrency yet before you purchase SparkPoint crypto, you’ll first need to purchase BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ethereum).

Don’t worry. We are going to take you through the entire procedure step-by-step.

  • How to Buy SFUEL?

For instance, Binance and Coinbase make it simple to trade Bitcoin or any other digital currency for fiat money. If you already have a cryptocurrency, you can simply use that one to exchange for your preferred currency on one of these exchanges.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have any yet, this tutorial will show you how to buy some, but first, you have to sign up for one of these exchanges.

  • Buy BTC or ETH With Fiat Money

After registration, you can pay by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. If you use a credit card,  you will be able to shop immediately, although costs may fluctuate and expenses may be higher, regulated by the credit card company.

Bank transfers, on the other hand, are cheaper but can take more time depending on where you live. In some countries, bank transfer offers instant cash deposits at low rates.

Once you have  Ethereum or Bitcoin, you can convert it to SparkPoint Crypto.

  • Transfer BTC to an Altcoin Exchange

Due to SparkPoint Crypto being an altcoin, the next action you’ll have to take is to send BTC to an altcoin exchange. You need to register for one of them. For added safety, we recommend that you set up two-factor authentication. 

After signing up for the altcoin exchange, you can transfer BTC or other cryptocurrencies you own from Binance / Coinbase to that altcoin exchange.

  • Trade SFUEL

Once you get an email confirming the transaction, you will be able to swap your crypto for SFUEL.

You’ll see a search bar. Select the currency you own and type in “SFUEL.” There you will notice SFUEL/BTC (for example). Choose it, and below the price diagram, you’ll notice a box indicating “Buy SFUEL.”

Click on that box, input your preferred amount, and click “Buy SFUEL” to finalize the purchase.

  • How to Get SRK?

This token is available on, so we’ll show you all the actions you need to take to buy the SRK token.

Don’t forget that SRK, the same as SFUEL, isn’t buyable with cash. That means that, before buying SRK, you must buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum with your fiat money. We explained that process a few paragraphs above.

  • Setup your Account

Go to the website and click the “Sign Up” button. After selecting the country you live in, entering your e-mail address, and choosing the password, you must confirm that you’re at least 18 years old.

When you make your account following the procedure above, you’ll have to activate your account by clicking the hyperlink you’ll get in the verification mail.

  • Find SRK on the Spot Market

Once you finish the registration procedure, go to the Markets Tab, look for SRK, and click on the token page.

  • Invest in SRK with your preferred order type

Determined by your strategy, you can use a limit order to buy SRK at a specific price or a market order to buy SRK at a market price.

  • What is the Best SRK Wallet?

Due to the fact that it is so widely supported, Metamask is our top-rated wallet. However, there are other excellent options, such as TrustWallet.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, developed and has been supporting Trust Wallet.

Yet, because Trust Wallet is available only for mobile devices and doesn’t have an in-wallet browser on iPhones, which makes connecting to DeFi apps difficult, we can’t rank it higher than the wallet we first recommended.

  • What is the Best Payment Method to Buy SRK?

One of the safest and fastest ways to purchase cryptocurrencies is using your debit or credit card, or PayPal.

  • How to Protect SparkPoint?

Transfer the SRK to your wallet once you’ve bought it. We recommend using a hardware wallet.

They’re entirely impossible to access unless you use the secure protocol to send or receive your crypto. Two preferred choices are the Ledger and the Trezor.

For example, the Ledger Nano S is compatible with 64-bit desktop computers but also compatible with Android 7+ smartphones.

When it comes to Trezor, it can be securely used via computer or mobile, too.

Whichever you choose, it is a must-have item if you value your security.

  • Conclusion

SparkPoint stands out from the competition because it is uncommon to see a cryptocurrency platform that offers so many different activities. You can use SparkPoint to access the gaming platform, borrow or lend money, and more. 

The primary medium of exchange, as well as the primary means of payment and staking, is the SRK. The necessity of SRK makes purchasing the SparkPoint token to gain access to the platform the only logical choice.